Volleyball Shoes vs Tennis Shoes: What’s the Difference? 

Volleyball vs Tennis Shoes

Tennis and volleyball are both physically demanding sports. In this Volleyball vs Tennis Shoes article, we will tell you what the difference is between volleyball and tennis shoes. And which one is best for you? Since it is a field sport, players need specific footwear for maximum performance and injury prevention.

Although there are some similarities between the two games, such as one involving hitting the ball over the net and the other using your hands, there are major differences in terms of gameplay and shoe design.

This article will discuss the differences between tennis and volleyball shoes, including answers to such frequently asked questions as whether volleyball shoes are suitable for walking and whether tennis court shoes can be used for volleyball. Let’s review some of the features that make sneakers unique.

Volleyball Shoes vs Tennis Shoes

When a man buys something, he certainly does not want to take something bad for him with money. And it’s not just about buying shoes. That’s why we’ve honestly highlighted the differences and pros and cons of these two shoes in our Volleyball vs Tennis Shoes article. So that you do not have to regret after buying shoes.

We want our audience to use their hard-earned money to buy the best shoes on the market. That’s why we are constantly reviewing different types of shoes. I hope this article will help you understand the difference between tennis court shoes and volleyball shoes.  

What Makes Volleyball Different From Tennis?

 There are some similarities between tennis and volleyball, such as using your hands and hitting the ball over the net, but there are also big differences in scoring, team size, and gameplay. Also, there are many other differences that you can find in the article on volleyball vs tennis shoes. 


 Hitting a ball over the net is a part of both volleyball and tennis. Players must make touch with the ball with their hands in order to participate in this essential element of sports. In volleyball and tennis, hand-eye coordination is essential for forceful serves and well-executed forehands. 


 Despite the similarities between volleyball and tennis, they have a few notable differences.  

Let’s discuss these differences in more detail. 

  • Team Size: Tennis may be played as singles with two players or doubles with four players, whereas volleyball usually needs six players on either side of the court. Volleyball’s larger team sizes enable more intricate strategy and cooperative play. 
  • Scoring System: Tennis matches typically take place in sets, with the number of sets won determining the winner. A tie-break is used if the score in each set of games reaches six.  

        In volleyball matches, on the other hand, teams play five sets and must win three of them in order to win the match. In volleyball, a two-point margin of                  victory is necessary to win the final set, which is played to 15 points.  

  • Shoe Design: Tennis and volleyball shoes have different designs to fit the unique needs and motions of each activity. Let’s discuss the qualities that make these shoes unique in more detail. 

Can You Wear Tennis Court Shoes for Volleyball?

Volleyball Shoes vs Tennis Shoes

In this volleyball vs tennis shoes article, we will tell you not only the difference between these two shoes. We will tell you more information about these shoes that you should know as a customer. 

It is often asked whether tennis court shoes are suitable for volleyball. Although there is some similarity between the two types of shoes, it is not recommended to wear tennis shoes for volleyball. The variety of shoe designs can have a big impact on your on-court performance and increase your risk of injury.

If you want, you can wear shoes, but according to experts, it’s better not to wear. Because of the risk of injury, they never recommend wearing them.    


 One major difference between tennis shoes and volleyball shoes is that they are both constructed of midsole. Tennis shoes are designed with an aggressive sole to provide a good grip on the court, allowing you to move quickly and change direction. 

Volleyball shoes, on the other hand, give more priority to support, cushioning, and quick side-to-side motions. The midsoles of volleyball shoes are designed with the convenience of quick start and stop in mind, which enables players to quickly interrupt during a match. In addition, the sturdy structure of volleyball shoes increases performance and greatly reduces the risk of injury.  


volleyball shoes vs tennis court shoes

 Usually constructed of gum rubber, the soles of volleyball shoes provide superior grip on the court and prevent slippage. This characteristic is necessary for the rapid motions and sudden direction shifts needed in volleyball. 

On the other hand, tennis shoes have aggressive bottoms that are intended to provide players with a solid grip and traction on the tennis court, preventing them from slipping and losing their balance during matches. 

Upper Construction

Volleyball players need sturdy and breathable upper-body shoes. These shoes are made to provide stability without compromising on breathability. These shoes are often made by combining forged and synthetic materials, especially for athletes. The goal of these shoes is to provide adequate support for the foot during sudden ascents and descents.  

Tennis shoes are generally designed with the various characteristics of the sport in mind and to prevent movement. These shoes are constructed from synthetic or leather materials. So that tactically can give support like fast lateral movement and frequent slide time.   


High-cushioned shoes are required, as volleyball involves frequent jumps and landings. Volleyball shoes are designed with additional padding on the front foot and ankle area. Due to which the effect can be easily absorbed and the pressure on the player’s joints can be reduced. This allows players to avoid many risks. 

Tennis, although dominant, requires a distinctive type of cushioning. Shock absorption during lateral movement is the main focus of tennis shoes. The midsoles of tennis shoes are padded, which provides comfort during a rapid change of direction. 

 Price and Value Comparison

 Comparing the price of tennis shoes and volleyball shoes, it can be seen that the price of tennis shoes is slightly higher. Tennis shoes can cost between $100 and $160, while volleyball shoes typically cost between $80 and $150. 

Although price shouldn’t be the only determining factor when comparing two shoes or surviving one of the two. But yes, it should be considered as an indicator of differences in design and functionality.   

tennis shoes vs volleyball shoes

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Tennis shoes are usually heavier than volleyballs. Volleyball shoes, being light in weight, greatly help players to jump and move more easily on the court. This increases their agility and speed, allowing players to concentrate better on the field. 

On the other hand, because of the materials—like leather—tennis and running shoes are a little bit heavier. Which provides stability and cushion for the specific demands of tennis gameplay.

Lightweight Design:

Volleyball shoes may seem heavier and less fashionable, but tennis shoes are often more beautiful and elegant. However, whether the shoe design is suitable for a particular activity should not be the main determinant at all. Priority should be given to functionality and performance-enhancing features rather than aesthetics.

Arch Support:

Since tennis is a long-time sport, shoes for this sport include extended arch supports. This feature prevents players from getting tired during the match. This helps players maintain their level of performance throughout the game. 


Volleyball shoes have excellent traction on indoor courts, enabling swift lateral movements. 

Tennis shoes, on the other hand, have flexible outsoles that can adjust to different court conditions and the needs of the game.

Performance of Volleyball Shoes vs Tennis Shoes

No matter what sport you’re involved in—volleyball or tennis—you’ll definitely want to choose the right shoes to enhance your performance on the court. Because a lot depends on the performance of these shoes, the rate of your match, and your win.

Therefore, considering these important points, we have written a review of these shoes through our shoe experts. According to the information taken from the buyers, we have not received any such bad comments about the shoes. Although the price of tennis shoes is a bit high, many buyers are satisfied with these shoes due to their performance.

Look, this battle of volleyball vs tennis shoes will never end. Both shoes provide good performance because of their own characteristics. Only the people who wear these shoes know about them.

Our Opinion about tennis shoes vs Volleyball shoes 

Volleyball vs tennis shoes In this article, we have tried to highlight the basic differences between volleyball and tennis through our shoe experts. However, there wasn’t much difference between these two shoes. Still, there were definitely some important points that we tried to 

Whatever shoes you buy at the end of the day, we wish you all the best. Because two shoes are best for different jobs in different places. However, we think that shoes must be stored, taking into account your requirements when buying shoes.  


 We don’t know how much we have managed to clear up your confusion in this article on volleyball vs tennis shoes. Although there are similarities between volleyball and tennis, there are distinct differences between them. Which can be noticed in the shoes designed for each sport. Appropriate footwear is essential to optimise performance and reduce the risk of injury. 

Tennis court shoes are not suitable for volleyball due to the midsole construction, single design, and excessive weight. Volleyball shoes are made specifically for sports.

Thus, be careful to choose volleyball shoes that suit your demands when buying your next pair of sporting shoes. You may choose wisely and succeed in your chosen sport by being aware of the variations between tennis and volleyball shoes. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you use tennis shoes for volleyball?

A: Yes, you can use tennis shoes for volleyball. But it’s not an ideal solution. This is because volleyball shoes are specifically designed to provide the support, stability, and traction needed for quick lateral movements, jumps, and sudden stops. It’s something you’ll never find in tennis shoes. 

Q: What is the difference between tennis and pickleball shoes? 

A: Tennis shoes are designed for lateral movement on large courts. Pickleball shoes, on the other hand, are light and made for quick movement on small courts. 

Q: Why are volleyball shoes different?

A: Volleyball shoes are made to reduce the risk of injury and adapt to the fast pace of activity. Volleyball shoes are specifically made with features such as greater lateral support, cushions, and traction. 

Q: Are volleyball shoes worth it?

A: The price of a shoe depends on the materials used. As such, the value of volleyball shoes did not seem high to us. The price of these shoes will depend on your abilities.

Q: Do you need special shoes for volleyball?

A: Yes, you need special shoes to play volleyball. Because volleyball is a very dangerous sport, players are more likely to get injured. So you must use special volleyball shoes to avoid the risk.


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