Best walking brand shoes in 2024

which shoe brand is best for walking

Walking is our everyday adventure, but here is a question. Which shoe brand is best for walking, and your shoes up for the journey? Ever tried pacing through town in fancy sandals? and ended the day with feet that just can not take another step. I have been there and felt that it is time to land an ear to your feet they deserve better shoes now.

When we talk about walking shoes, it is easy to picture anything from running sneakers to those rugged hiking boots. But today we are zeroing in on the unsung heroes, the everyday champions perfect for the urban terrain. the shoes you wear when you are not even thinking about it and yet they give you that cloud-like comfort.

Which shoe brand is best for walking?

If we talk about 2024, then we must be say Brooks Ghost 14 is the best shoe for this year. We will lead you to a list of the top six walking shoes and help you find the right model. there are many brands on the market now. So it’s hard to say which brand of shoes is best for walking? But our shoe experts have gone to many modelers and reviewed them. then we did analysis in depth that topic.Now we’ll talk about which shoe brand is best for walking in 2024.

Brooks Ghost 14

Brooks Ghost 14

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Our Ratings ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Cushioning 4.8/5      Performance 4.9/5    Fit 5/5   Value 4.8/5   


✅Care instructionsMachine Wash
✅OriginMade in the USA or Imported
✅Sole materialRubber
✅Outer materialSynthetic
✅Cushioning Type DNA LOFT v2 cushioning
✅Weight ‏  ‎  2 Pounds
✅Manufacturer ‏ BROOKs

Pros and cons

✅Modern athlete designed ❎Some testers said Exrea wide
✅Neutral Running shoe
✅Light weight & top quality
✅Very affordable 

According to many shoe experts and fashion designers, the Brooks Ghost 14 shoes are the best running shoes of 2024. This is a neutral model of shoes. If you’re a new runner, these shoes are great for you. These shoes have been used in the shooting of DNA loft. it should feel smooth, it should feel light, it should feel cushioned all the way through your foot. which leads to a better transition from ankle to foot.


Also on the outsole there is a new design, and the pattern is similar to what was in previous versions. They’ve put a little more energy and effort into changing the mix in the outsole. So it will be a little more durable where you land. So the overall characteristics of the shoe outsole are a little better. The midsole of this shoe definitely has better features.

brooks ghost 14 shoe


The upper also had a bit of a makeover here.They are still using their 3D stretch and had it in their first version as well.  you are somebody who is little bit wider of a foot or maybe somebody is a little bit narrow . it will kind of expand and contract around your foot a little bit. the big difference that we can say and feel on the 3d stretch beetwen this  and the versions before. this is a shoe that really with nice 3d stretch. and the energy that they put into putting more targeted 3d stretch material around upper.

Carbon neutral

This is Brooke’s first shoe that is a carbon neutral shoe. it will help you feel free running and walking. Many brands of shoes do not have carbon neutral, but in this case Brooks Ghost 14 is completely different.


this is such a popular shoe for brooks. it has in a variety of colours and also  a variety of widths.There are two versions for women one is  B and few are D. there is  a few colors that are in 2e and there is one supper wide 4e of color that is available.

Who is it for?

It’s a full 12 month shoe.So this is a great option for you if you want to use it in everyday work. If you run a marathon or need to wear shoes for most of the day, these shoes are definitely perfect for you. because this shoe little bit lighter and faster. You can also use these shoes in various training and running competitions if you want. The cushions in it will help you wear shoes for a long time. 

Price Point and Value

we think it’s a very budget friendly shoe. However, you will not find such quality shoes at a price of $88.00 – $124.99. You can wear these shoes all day long without any problem. The cushions used in the shoes will help you wear the shoes throughout the day. All in all, we can say that the price of shoes is definitely budget friendly. 

Our Opinion

if your question is which shoe brand is best for walking? then obviously we can said Brooks Ghost 14 is best walking shoe in 2024. If you are looking for that shoes that will serve you a long time, then you can easily go for Brooks Ghost shoes

we analysis a lot about this shoe we did not find any normal materials in this shoe. brooks company used high-materials in this shoe which is very important things. many athletes are also using this shoe in their on-field. So we can easily say that this Brooks Ghost 14 will be the best for you. 


In this article we tried to tell you in detail which shoe brand is best for walking. For this year, Brooks Ghost 14 is the best walking shoes. Because you have to wear shoes for most of the day to walk, the materials used in the shoes also have to be good, otherwise the feet will wear out. The high quality material and cushions used in this Ghost 14 will provide you with comfort for a long time.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: which shoe brand is best for walking?

A: the Brooks Ghost 14 shoes are the best for walking.

Q: whics Cushioning used in  Brooks Ghost 14?

A: DNA LOFT cushioning.

Q: Where to Buy Brooks Ghost 14?

A: you can buy from Nike website or Amazon. You can also buy from our affiliate link.


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