On Cloud vs Brooks: A Comparison of Running Shoes 

On Cloud vs Brooks

When it comes to choosing the right running shoes, two popular brands that often come to mind are On Cloud and Brooks. This is why the On Cloud vs Brooks debate is a common dilemma among runners. Both brands have many loyal followers all over the world. In addition, both brands offer a selection of running shoes to meet the needs of runners.

In this article, we will compare On Cloud and Brooks shoes. So that, by analysing the similarities, differences, characteristics, and performance, you can choose the best pair of shoes for you. 

On Cloud vs Brooks Running shoes  

 There are some common confusions among people about shoes in Brooks and Cloud. At first glance, the two shoes may look similar, but there are some differences between them. In this comprehensive comparison, we’ll compare the two shoes based on your running style, preferences, and personal needs.  

A Brief Overview of On Cloud shoes

 In the running shoe market, On Cloud, also known as On Running, is a relatively newcomer. On Cloud was founded in 2010 by former triathlete Olivier Bernhardand. Because of its distinctive technology and creative design, it grew in popularity quickly. 

 The Cloudtec Pod, which provides superior cushioning and energy return, is a component of the brand’s running shoes. A popular option for runners for a responsive and cushioned ride. On-cloud shoes are famous for their lightweight feel and comfortable fit.

A Brief Overview of Brooks shoes

 By contrast, Brooks has been a well-known brand in the running shoe business for more than a century. Before focusing on running shoes in 1972, the company first produced ballet shoes and swimming shoes. 

 Since then, Brooks has developed a reputation for producing durable and high-quality running shoes. The company sells a large selection of shoes made for different running styles. 

 On Cloud Running Shoes:

  • Modern and Creative Designs
  • Exceptional CloudTec Cushioning for Sensitivity and Softness
  • A Focus on Lightweight Building
  • Adaptable for Running on Roads and Trails

Brooks Running shoes : 

  • Adaptive Cushioning with BioMoGo DNA Midsole
  • Stability Support System for GuideRails
  • Known for durability with premium materials
  • provides ventilating mesh uppers that are breathable.
  • Various Arch Support Choices for a Custom Fit

 Similarities Between On Cloud and Brooks Running shoes

 On Cloud and Brooks shoes have their own unique characteristics. Then there are some common similarities between the running shoes of the two brands. Both brands have a loyal following of runners who are very satisfied with the performance of their shoes.

 In addition, both On Cloud and Brooks offer a wide variety of shoe models. Which is specially made for different types of runners. Whether you’re a casual jogger or a competitive racer, you’ll find the right shoes for you from any brand. 

Differences Between On Cloud and Brooks  

 While there are some similarities between On Cloud and Brooks running shoes, there are some significant differences between them. A major difference is the design. Cloud shoes are very well known for their modern and unconventional design. The Cloudtec pod provides cushioning and energy return.

Brooks shoes, on the other hand, are designed with a focus on durability, support, and comfort. It also has a traditional design.  

 Another difference is the cushioning technology used in the shoes. Helion Superfoam, or Zero-Gravity Foam, along with the CloudTech Pod, gives on-cloud trainers a responsive and powerful feel. 

 On the other hand, Brooks provides many foam varieties, including BioMoGo DNA, DNA LOFT, DNA AMP, and DNA FLASH, each of which provides a unique blend of support, cushioning, and responsiveness.

on cloud shoes vs brooks Feature Comparison

 Let’s discuss some of the main features and performance elements of On Cloud and Brooks running shoes. to better understand their differences.

brooks shoes vs on cloud

Upper Design and Materials

 A running shoe’s upper is largely responsible for its support, breathability, and comfort. The lightweight and aesthetically pleasing mesh upper of the On Cloud trainers is a highlight. There may be differences in the models’ flexibility, ventilation patterns, and supporting overlays. Ankle collars in On Cloud shoes are usually well-padded, and some styles come with a soft tongue for enhanced comfort.

 Conversely, Brooks running shoes place a high value on sustainability, using recycled materials in half of their uppers. The somewhat elastic and supportive uppers provide a comfortable fit without obstructing natural mobility. Depending on the model, Brooks shoes include overlays for extra stability and support. The quantity and location of these overlays varies.

Midsole Technology

 A running shoe’s midsole is in charge of providing cushioning, shock absorption, and energy return. CloudTec pods and either Helion Superfoam or Zero-Gravity foam are used in the midsoles of On Cloud trainers. The foam gives the CloudTec pods a solid, responsive feel, and they also provide outstanding shock absorption. With each stride, the integrated speedboard in On Cloud trainers stores and releases energy, much like a spring.

 A variety of midsole technologies are available in Brooks running shoes to accommodate various running preferences and styles. BioMoGo DNA, DNA LOFT, DNA AMP, and DNA FLASH are their foam alternatives; each offers a unique combination of support, cushioning, and responsiveness. GuideRails are another feature on certain Brooks models that provide runners who overpronate more stability.

On Cloud vs Brooks Running Shoes: Design and Durability

 Durability and popularity are the functions of a running shoe’s outsole. To provide durability in high-wear areas, On Cloud sneakers include rubber pieces strategically positioned below the CloudTec pods. 

However, the outsole is relatively minimal, with most of the pods made from EVA foam. While this minimalist design may raise concerns about durability, On Cloud shoes have proven to be long-lasting and resilient.

 The outsoles of Brooks running shoes are usually covered more in rubber. As a result, a small portion of the midsole remains visible. Due to the high attractiveness and endurance of shoes, they can be used on a variety of surfaces and situations. 

In addition, Brooks TrailTAC offers trail running-specific outsole designs with rubber and strategically placed logs for improved stability and attractiveness in rough terrain. 

Overall Fit and Comfort  

 Fit and comfort are important aspects to consider when choosing running shoes. Cloud shoes are especially famous for their thin fitting around the ankle. There are some runners whose legs are a little wide. They can increase the size of the shoe if they want or find another model or brand of shoes. 

However, if once you find the right shoes. This will give you a comfortable step-in feeling. It enables natural mobility and flexibility of the feet. As a result you can wear this shoe throughout the day without any problems. 

 Brooks’ running shoes usually have a more standardized size. However, the company recommends going up to half the size because their shoes are a bit smaller in size. The cushioned and well-padded uppers of the Brooks shoe provide a comfortable and comfortable fit.

When deciding between On Cloud and Brooks, it’s important to consider the size and shape of your feet to ensure maximum fit and comfort.

Performance and Support:

 The performance of on-cloud shoes depends entirely on the lightweight design. These shoes are especially suitable for those who like fast-paced shoes. Brooks Shoes, with its stability features and supportive structure, makes shoes specifically for runners with a focus on comfort and injury prevention. 

 Price and Value Comparison

 Cloud and Brooks offer a variety of pricing options for different budgets. If it is not possible to say the exact price of two shoes. Because shoes can increase and decrease according to the market. Then our shoe experts gave you an idea about the price of these shoes. Running shoes in the cloud usually range from $140 to $270. Brooks’ running shoes cost about the same. The carbon-plated Hyperion Elite costs $250, while the more basic versions start at around $100. 

 Running shoes from both On Cloud and Brooks are available at various retail stores. Also, if you want, you can easily buy shoes from online platforms or from our affiliate links below. If you can’t find the best fit performance complete shoes for you, you can take our expert opinion by commenting below. We will try to provide you with the best shoes on the market. 

brooks vs on cloud shoes price

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User Reviews and Feedback

As always, in this article of On Cloud vs Brooks Shoes, we have highlighted the truth of customer feedback and opinions. Those of you who follow our website know that we don’t write fake reviews. We always want to give our audience the right direction. so that they can buy a good pair of shoes and wear it for a long time. 

Our experts have used a variety of techniques to get the right information. According to Real Experience, both shoes are good for those who wear these shoes regularly. In terms of durability, Brooks shoes will be your first priority. Even the price of these shoes is a little high, if you think about quality and material, the price will seem much lower. Since shoes are especially made with running in mind, they used good materials and soles.

Our Opinion about Brooks and cloud Running shoes 

 We always try to provide accurate information to our customers. We don’t want to waste your money. In this On Cloud vs Brooks comparison article, we’ve given you a lot of information about the two shoes. So that you can save the right shoes for you. Both types of shoes are in high demand on the market. Two shoes are best for different needs. 

Before we tell you what shoes you buy at the end of the day, make sure you know what your needs are. If you need fast-paced shoes, then On Cloud shoes will be the best for you. And if you are a runner, then Brooks shoes will be the best for you for stability and stability. 


This on cloud vs Brooks debate will never end. Because Both On Cloud and Brooks offer premium running shoes made to meet the different needs of runners. Brooks shoes have a higher priority on comfort, support, and stability than on-cloud shoes. Which are famous for their exceptional shock absorption, light feel, and distinctive cloudtech pods. The final decision between the two brands depends on the style of running, the form of the legs and personal preferences. 

 Before deciding which brand to buy, check out several models. Think about your own ongoing needs and objectives, and seek professional advice if necessary. If a shoe gives you the support, comfort and performance that meets the objectives of your race. then You buy those shoes for yourself. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: are on cloud or brooks better?

A: If you use casual shoes and do some running with it, then on-cloud shoes will be the best for you. And if you’re a runner who cares about speed and stability, Brooks shoes are perfect for you. 

Q: on cloud sizing compared to brooks.

A: Shoe sizing can vary between brands, including On Cloud and Brooks. Each shoe company usually provides a size chart. Which you can use as a reference. You can compare foot measurements with On Cloud and Brooks’ size chart to find the exact size of your foot. 

Q: on cloud vs brooks for nurses ?

 A: Both Cloud and Brooks offer shoes suitable for a variety of jobs, including nursing.  Whether or not to use On Cloud and Brooks’ running shoes for nursing depends solely on your personal preference. 

Q: on cloud vs brooks women’s.

A: Comparing On Cloud and Brooks for women’s shoes depends on your preferences, needs. You can use the right shoes if you want based on the type of work you will be using the shoes for. 





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