What to Expect from the Air Jordan 3 Cement Grey Release!

Air jordan 3 cement grey

The Air Jordan 3 Cement Grey is one of the most anticipated shoes this year. Many crazy Jordan lovers are very excited about the release date of this shoe. Jordan Brand finally announced their release date as August 2024. 

According to the brand, it will capture the hearts of sneakerheads worldwide upon release. Its features, design and materials used are much better than Jordan 3 White Cement. We will also discuss what to expect from the Air Jordan. So please read this article in full. 

Will the Air Jordan 3 Cement Grey be released in August 2024?

The answer is yes, it will finally be released this August. The much-anticipated arrival of Jordan 3 Cement is expected to leave you speechless with its combination of comfort and style. It will come with a unique design that was not present in previous versions of Jordan. So all in all, Jordan lovers are waiting for these sneakers with great interest. 

Key Features and Design

The Air Jordan 3 Cement Grey will not compromise on comfort. Made with precision and the latest shoe technology, these sneakers will progressively improve your experience at every step. The colour of the Air Jordan 3 is striking grey and very familiar. The outsole is grey rubber and leather metal.

✅Colour Fire Red-Cement Grey-Black/Summit White 
✅sizeAll are available
✅Style codeCT8532-106
✅outsoleGrey rubber 
✅Probably price $200

Where to Buy the Jordan 3 Cement Grey

When these sneakers are released, you’ll first find them both on the Nike.com website and online. When the sneaker will be released, we will also give its review for our viewers. If you want, you can also buy shoes from the Amazon affiliate link of our review.

Later, when the sneakers are available, you can also buy them from your neighborhood store. However, we would advise you to take it from the Nike website. Because no one can guarantee that you will be able to buy the original Air Jordan 3 Cement Grey at the local store.

Price Point and Value of Air Jordan 3 Cement

 The company has not revealed the exact price yet. But following various information, we find out that the price is probably 200 dollars. If we compare the price of Cement Grey with Air Jordan 3 Cement White, then there is not much price difference. So we can say that Jordan Cement Grey will not disappoint us at all in terms of price. 

Is it worth your money?

air jordan 3

We must say no because Air Jordan 3 Cement Grey is the premium material used in this shoe. The price of shoes depends more or less on the materials used. Jordan is a popular brand; they never make shoes by ordinary materials.

Due to the use of good materials, their cost is also a little higher, so the price of Jordan shoes is a little higher than other brands. if you look at the soles, colour and materials used, you must say that the price is not too high.  


Everyone is excited for the Air Jordan 3 Cement Grey shoes, and the Jordanian company never disappoints their customers. If you want to buy this shoe on the release date, you can follow our site. We will provide you with our authorised link to buy Jordan 3 Cement Grey.

 Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What date of release is it?

A: The release date is August 31, 2024.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: The price is probably $200.

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